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assorted links.

  Ahhh, the fun of personal pages, collectives, and all those other snazzy pages that take much longer to look through because there's so much fun to be had! Or at least interesting reading materials. ^^;;

PQ Angels! home of phi! eternity network, lotsa spiff violet storm Impressions.. I couldn't very well NOT link a site that linked me, was gorgeous, and had an Imp banner, could I? A purdy lil collective of insanity. I rather like it myself ^^ Project V, very pretty justine eve is one of my goddesses. too bad she doesn't know that. ;_; her spiffy site! Look! I wrote an essay thingie for this! go see, it's a snazzy idea kawaaaaaiiiiiii!

Take a look at the insanity that is evident in this nifty site. Look at the comics and laugh until it hurts!